Only relatively recently, scientists have been able to detect the ruins of once a grand caravanserai. Now you can only see a huge portal, located on the old route of the Great Silk Road, then called The Gold Road, from Bukhara to Samarkand. Rumor has it that along this very road caravans moved fr
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Mosque Dehi Baland

Those who wish to visit the mosque should go to the neighborhood area of Dehi Baland located in Navoi region. The process of the construction of this Sufi monastery went with the full cooperation and financial support of the sheikhs of Bukhara, the Dzhuybars. The first reconstruction, which the m
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Mausoleum of Mir Said Bahrom

Pilgrims and tourists wishing to touch the ancient sacred building should definitely visit Kermine. It is here that you can find the mausoleum of Mir Said Bahrom belonging to the most ancient burial structures in the region.  
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The historical complex is located in the mountains, bearing the same name. In the central part of the complex you can find a sacred spring, the fame of which has long spread beyond the region as well as Uzbekistan, as a whole. On either side of it a mosque, khanaka and houses for the faithful who
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