Ak-Saray mausoleum


Ak-Saray mausoleum constructed in the late 1470s is situated close to Gur-Emir. It is the place where last male descendants of Amir Temur , who lived in Samarkand, were buried. The Temurid’s governor Abu Said ordered about construction of that building (1451-1458/9). In 1457 conquering Khurasan Abu Said decided to move the capital to Herat. While fighting that was hold in Azerbaijan against the Turkmens Abu Said died. Inside this mausoleum, underground, there is a tomb. The tomb is in a form of room with 8 walls. In one of the walls there is a niche. In this niche was buried a man without a head. Identity of this man is unknown, but there are suggestions that this is Abdullatif (son of Ulugbek). Abdullatif killed his father and was executed for this.

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