Built in 1437 the mausoleum was under the patronage of the famous Mirzo-and Gumbaz. In total, the architectural complex includes the tomb of the direct, outbuildings, and so on. All the buildings are directly adjacent to the final resting place of Shams al-Din Kula, who left this world in 1368. H
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Crypt of Temur

Only thirty-five meters away from the ruins of the famous complex of Hazrat-i Imam in the famous town of Shahrisabz, there is a crypt intended to be a resting place of Amir Temur,. It is important to note that even the initial study of the architectural and cultural characteristics of this struct
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Kok Gumbaz Mosque

This mosque, whose construction was begun on the order of Mirzo Ulugbek Kuragan, is a basic element of the famous architectural complex Dar- ut Tilavat. The total area of ​​the sacred building, the shape of which resembles a perfect square is 12,52 meters by 12,61meters. The upper part of the mos
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Ak-Saray Palace

Ak-Saray Palace may serve as an example of the parade government building - residence. Construction of the palace started in 1380, but as late as in 1404 the Строительство дворца началось в 1380 году, но еще в 1404 the decorating works were nearing the completion there.
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Dorus-Tilovat is composed of three preserved facilities on the former necropolis of local aristocracy. Rthese are - two mausoleums of Shamsiddin Kulol and Gumbazi Seyyidon and cathedral mosque of Kok Gumbaz. Shamsiddin Kulol mausoleum is the most early building Sheikh died in 1370 and his grave w
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Shakhrisabz - a town in Kashkadarya region. Population - 53 thousand. Situated in the north-east region, 80 km south of Samarkand.

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