Dorus-Tilovat is composed of three preserved facilities on the former necropolis of local aristocracy. Rthese are - two mausoleums of Shamsiddin Kulol and Gumbazi Seyyidon and cathedral mosque of Kok Gumbaz. Shamsiddin Kulol mausoleum is the most early building Sheikh died in 1370 and his grave was paid by great honors. Mausoleum of Ulubek's desccendants called Gumbazi Seyyidon (Seyyids' Dome) was built next to it. This small building fascinates by elegant proportions and excellently made entrance door covered by deep carvings. The architectural ensemble is completed by the former cathedral mosque of Kok Gumbaz which was built on the basement of pre-Mongol building.

Kok Gumbaz Mosque

Crypt of Temur

Ak-Saray Palace


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