Medieval architectural monuments of Tashkent



Medieval architectural monuments of Tashkent


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The most famous architectural monuments of Tashkent are concentrated in the area of Chorsu bazaar, because in this place the so-called Old City was located. In addition to modern buildings and traditional adobe houses, here are Kukeldash madrasa, Friday mosque of Khoja Ahrar Wali and Hazrat Imam Ensemble.


In 2007 several buildings of the complex, affected by the earthquakes and time, were restored. The building of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims and the museum were added to them. In this museum, in addition to 22 thousand religious books, the Caliph Uthman Koran written on tanned hides of deer and dated to the 7th century is stored.Another revered shrine is the Mausoleum of Abubakr Kaffal Shashi. Thanks to the teachings of the Imam and Preacher of the tenth century, the architectural ensemble was named Hazrat Imam, which is translated as "The Holy Imam." Kaffalash Shashi started his education at home, in Tashkent (Shash), and continued in Samarkand, Bukhara and Termez. Five centuries after his death, during the Sheibanids period, a mausoleum-khanaka was built over his tomb. This place enjoys popularity among the pilgrims, seeking the blessing of the wise Imam.


Opposite the Barak-KhanMadrsa there is the Tillya Sheikh Mosque built in the 19th century. Muslims still get together in it for the prayer.


The area around the buildings is paved with stones and decorated with lawns and flower beds. The complex has a particularly impressive look at night when the special lighting creates the effect of an Oriental fairy tale.




Mazar Kyzyl

Friday Mosque Tilla-Sheikh

Urgaz Karatas

TV tower of Tashkent

Capital Mansion Duke Nikolai Konstantinovich Romanov

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