Kizil-olma (Kulbulak)



Kizil-olma (Kulbulak)


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The historical complex of Kizil Olma is located not far from the Paleolithic settlement Kulbulak. On both banks of the river separating the complex, numerous burial mounds (kurgans) dating back to the mid-first century are constantly discovered. A large area of burial mounds is located in the southern part of Kulbulakskoy settlement. Numerous miners who mined here for valuable elements, left their traces.


The place, where this monument of architecture is located, was long known not only as the place of cultural and historical significance, but also as a mine of natural mineral deposits. In particular, gold and semi-precious ores were mined here. Gradually, all these private geological expeditions and survey acquired a final form and the place became the center of the gold mining industry.





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