Winter Holidays in ancient Uzbekistan


Duration: 8 days and 7 nights


1st day: Welcome to Uzbekistan!

Tourists arrive to Uzbek capital Tashkent. Then they check-in the hotel and have time to spend on their own. Then there is dinner and a night sleep in the hotel

2nd day: From Tashkent to Khiva

In the morning after breakfast, we take a flight to ancient Khiva with transfer in Urggench. When we are in beautiful city of Khiva, we take a tour around. In the sightseeing program for the day there are:Ichan Qala complex that consists of Mausoleum of Said Aloviddin, built in 14th century; Mohammed Amin Khan Madrassa and Tash Hauli Palace, both built in 19th century;Blue/ShortMinaret;Pakhlavan Mahmud Architectural Complex of 14-19th centuries; Jumma Mosque of 10-18th centuries.Then there is lunch time. After lunch we proceed with sightseeing: Kunya Ark of 17th century and Islam Khodja Madrassa&Minaret, built in 1908.When it is dinner time, we return to the hotel and stay there till the next morning.

3rd day: From Khiva to Bukhara

In the morning after breakfast the tour group leaves the hotel and goes to Bukhara. On the way to Bukhara we visit teahouse for lunch by the River Amudarya, also known as Oxus. This river is one of the two major rivers in Central Asia. The other one is called Sirdarya.When we arrive to Bukhara and check-in the hotel, it is time for dinner. After diner the tour group takes a night rest in the hotel.

4th day: Sightseeing in Bukhara

Bukhara has rich cultural and historical sites to visit. That’s why we dedicate to this beautiful city whole day. Exploration starts right after morning meal. In the program before lunch it is planned to visit: Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan Madrassas (Ulugbek Madrassa is dated back to year 1417 while Abdulazizkhan Madrassa is built several centuries later); Samanids Mausoleum; Chashma Ayub Mazar; Lyabi-Hauz and Poi-Kalan architectural complexes.

Lunch break and continuation of sightseeing program: Toki-Zargaron; ancient fort called “Ark” (IV-XX cc.); Toki Telpakfurushon and Toki-Sarrofon. The final point is Nadir Devanbegi Madrasah. Nadir Divanbegi Madrassa is dated back to year 1630. Tourists will stay in this madrassa for dinner and will enjoy live performance in traditional style.

5th day: Shahrisabz sightseeing and trip to Samarkand

In the morning after breakfast, we leave hotel in Bukhara and go to Shahrisabz. In Shahrisabz was born the greatest conqueror of Central Asia, Amir Timur. At time of Amir Timur's ruling, Shahrisabz was empire’s second capital after Samarkand (Afrosiab). Upon arrival, we have a lunch break and then visit:Summer Palace of Amir Timur, called“Aksaray” (14th century); Mukhammad Jahangir Mausoleum; Kuk Gumbaz Mosque (15th century). After that we go to the official capital of Amir Timur’s Empire - Samarkand. Upon arrival there are hotel check-in, dinner and night sleep in the hotel.

6th day:

Day 6 is dedicated to the great city of Samarkand. In the morning you start with exploration of Gur Emir known as a tomb of Tamerlane. Later that day you visit Rukhabad Mausoleum, famous Registan Square. Registan Square is a complex that includes three madrassas: Sherdor, Ulugbek and Tillakori.

When finished with Registan Square it is time for lunch. After lunch sightseeing program includes: well known for its scientific role Ulugbek observatory built in 15th century; Prophet Daniil and Shah-I-Zinda Mausoleums; Afrosiyab Museum and last but not the least Friday Mosque or beautiful Bibi Khanym and old market.After sightseeing, it is dinner time and time for a rest.

7th day: Back to Tashkent

After morning meal in Samarkand there is a trip back to Tashkent. Having lunch in Tashkent and going for sightseeing: Barak-Khan Madrassa, Khast Imam Architectural Complex, museum that accommodates Uthman Koran dated back to seventh century and many other ancient valuable manuscripts, Kukeldash Madrassa, Kaffal-Shashi Mausoleum, Museum of Applied Arts, Opera House, Independence Square, and a lot more interesting and worth seeing places. This night is the last night of the tour in Uzbekistan.

8th day: End of the tour

Breakfast and taking a flight back home

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Winter in Uzbekistan

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