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Kukeldash, Ichan Kala, Gur-Emir, Shah-i-Zinda, if you haven’t heard these words and have no idea what they mean you should definitely visit Uzbekistan – country with the centuries-old history. Here you will be able not just to contemplate the beauty of ancient sculptures and buildings but also will enjoy the hospitality of local population. Year by year Uzbekistan becomes more popular and desirable place for foreign tourists from more than 115 countries because of very distinctive and antique attractions. Moreover during a long time period present territory of Uzbekistan was known as a center of silk route which spread its fame from China to Europe.

Nowadays many visitors to Uzbekistan tend to begin their trip from the capital of the country – Tashkent. Despite the minority of ancient places comparing to other immemorial cities of Uzbekistan Tashkent tourism is not less popular because of huge amount of interesting entertainment places. Here tourists can taste genuine Uzbek cuisine the main symbol of which is national dish – Palov.

The next destination for travelling can be such beautiful and unique cities like Bukhara and Samarkand which represent south part of Uzbekistan. Here you will have a chance to witness architectural masterpieces like Registan, Bibi-Khanym mosque, Samanid Mausoleum, Lyabi Khauz Ensemble and many other attractions. There would be no doubt that Khiva among all ancient cities of Uzbekistan is supposed to be the most popular for tourists from Europe and other continents. You can even have a direct flight to Khiva from any part of the world in order to see the great antique small city Ichan Qala, where additionally you can acquire a lot of souvenirs which you will handle in traditional Uzbekistan package usually given as a gift.

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