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The Travel Agency «Elite Tours» Ltd has a successful experience in international and  domestic tourism since 2008 and in a short period has recommended itself as one of the major leading travel agencies on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Agency is differed by an expanded customers base, extensive experience, with due attention refers to the desires and needs of each client.

One of the main activities of the Agency is to organize Uzbekistan Tours, to attract tourists to the country because today Uzbekistan is an impressive country for guided tours through the ancient sights, this is an unusual acquaintance with the ethnic culture of the East, its amazing traditions and customs of the local people.

The travel to Uzbekistan will be remembered by you for the great monuments of ancient cities such as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and others. The extraordinarily beautiful majestic palaces and mausoleums, madrassas and mosques lovely preserved from ancient times, the outstanding monuments of ancient oriental culture are awaiting you. You will open a new world of painted ceramic mosaics, stained glass paintings, alluring with aroma of amazing oriental dishes, you will be welcomed by people who will offer their extraordinary hospitality.

On the territory of modern Uzbekistan Great Silk Road passed and its trading caravans went through its towns which were anciently considered as commercial and cultural centers of Asia. Tour to the cities of Uzbekistan will introduce you to the history of civilization, wars of great empires, the development of scientific thought and architecture in different time periods. Rich history, the abundance of local color, great food, customs and traditions of the local people will give you a good impression of the trip. The Agency will take care of all the organizational issues and will make your stay easy and enjoyable.

The «Elite Tours» Ltd will make great efforts to ensure you an unforgettable trip to Uzbekistan, you will remember the best moments of a wonderful holiday, will hold only sweet memories about the country and a firm desire to return to the world of ancient cities and a rapidly developing country.

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