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How to get Uzbekistan tourist visa

To visit the Republic of Uzbekistan (RUz.) visa is required for nationals of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, and Kyrgyzstan (60 days).

For the citizens of these countries need to have only a passport. Travel documents are issued to Uzbekistan in Tashkent airport or other control checkpoints.

Citizens of other countries may enter into and transit through its territory only if there is an entry visa.

Visas are issued to foreign nationals in the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Uzbekistan abroad on the basis of visa support (permits the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan).

A simplified procedure for issuing visas to citizens of: Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Malaysia, France, Switzerland and Japan.

Citizens of these countries can apply directly to the Embassy (Consulate) of Uzbekistan. abroad. In this case, do not need an invitation of the parties to the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

For a visa support you need to provide the company (by fax or e-mail) the following information:

A. copy of the passport;
Name, sex, nationality;
Passport information (number, issue date, expiration date);
Date and place of birth

B. Certificate from the place of work or study, made on company letterhead, signed and sealed;
The official name of the company (institution for students);
Location (city, country):

C. The period of stay in Uzbekistan

D. The preferred location for a visa (or gene location of the Embassy. Consulate of Uzbekistan.)

Procedure for the review of documents at the Foreign Ministry takes 5 working days. For countries with which the simplified procedure, the examination of documents takes 3 days.


Consular fees:
Single-entry visas 

     7 days - $ 40;
     15 days - $ 50;
     30 days - $ 60;

Group visas (in the group must be at least 10 people):

     15 days - $ 15 per person;
     30 days - $ 25 per person.

For each additional entry fee is increased by $ 10.

Visa fee for a fixed rate of 2 times the price of an ordinary visa.

The maximum term tourist visa - 30 days


Uzbek visa

The form of application for visa to Uzbekistan


Personal Information


Previous Surname:
(if changed)
First Name*:
Previous First Name:
(if changed)
Other Names:
Previous Other Names:
(if changed)
Loading photo:
Date of Birth*: 
Country of Birth*:
Place of Birth*:
Previous Citizenship:
(if changed)
Passport Type*:
Passport Number*:
Date of Issue*: 
Expiration Date: 
Issued By*:
Marital Status*:
Spouse's Surname, First and Other Names:


Travel Information


Period of Visit, from*: 
Number of Entries*:
Duration of Stay*:
(days, for each entry)
Duration of Visa Procedure*:
(effects in visa fee)
Place of Visa Issuance*:
Purpose of Visit*:
(in detail)
Inviting Party*:
(inviting organization or person, phone)


Additional Information


Address in Uzbekistan*:
(address while in Uzbekistan, phone)
Previous Visits to Uzbekistan*:
(date, purpose and inviting party)
Accompanied Persons*:
(persons travelling together and inserted into applicant's passport)
Place of Work (Study) and Position*:
(full name of organization and applicant's position)
Work (Study) Address and Phone*:
(coutry, city, street, house No., phone and email)
Home Address and Phone*:
(country, city, street, house No., phone and email)

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