Exposition of the Andijan house-museum of Babur and Baburids

Most people celebrate February 14th as Valentine's Day, but the residents of Uzbekistan have their own national holiday - the birthday of the great poet Bobur. The role of this person is so great for the Uzbek people that numerous streets and parks are named after him and almost in every city you
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Andijan Regional Museum

One of the major museums in the city of Andijan – Regional History Museum is located on Fitrat Street, 258. It preserves many facts about the life, history and development of the Great Fergana Valley. It became great, because different states existed on its territory at different times, and
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Major museums in Andijan

To the south-east of the Ferghana Valley, also referred to as the pearl of Uzbekistan, lies one of the main craft centers of the region, known for its craftsmen since ancient times. Today Andijan is still a great industrial metropolis, known for its skilled masters. In the crafts like pottery, am
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