Restaurant "Nodir Devon Begi"



Restaurant "Nodir Devon Begi"


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Restaurant in the madrasah - can it be delightful? "Nodir Devon Begi" is a madrasah erected in the XVII century. Currently many residents and tourists are attached to Uzbek culture in this place. It is with this aim the eponymous restaurant was created here. Everything here reminds of ancient oriental squares, where folk music always played, variety of souvenirs and crafts were sold, where dances were danced and then national dishes were tasted.


In "Nodir Devon Begi" there is nothing fake, no created ornaments - only the walls of the ancient madrassah, which, certainly, do not any need of decoration.


Every evening a folk instrumental concert with national instruments like doira, chang, nay and others is held here. The ensemble "Bukhorcha” dances under distinctive music. The repertoire of the dancers is quite rich: Khorezm and Uzbek folk dances, Arabic and Tajik dances, classical Fergana and other wealth of national dance show are performed by "Bukhorcha. In the intervals between dances you will be presented fashion shows, where you will personally meet with a combination of national traditions and the latest trends of fashion industry.


After a long presentation it is time to eat. Restaurant menu offers dinner, of course, of a typical style – pilaf, mastava (rice soup), manty (dumplings), Uzbek sweets and other riches of the national cuisine.


We recommend visiting the restaurant in a Bukhara madrassah, at least, for the purpose of feeling an unprecedented harmony of color, dance, taste and, of course, antiquity!





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