"Yodgorlik" Factory in Margilan



"Yodgorlik" Factory in Margilan


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Silk producing factory “Yodgorlik” was created in Margilan after Bukhara had ceased to be the center of silk production. Here, one can not only buy exclusive silk fabrics, made according to traditional secrets with great love, but also witness how silk fabric is created by watching the process of silk making.


Craftsmen working in the factory, also implement the experience gained in other countries in the production. For example, four workers were specifically sent to India to get to know the secret of production of natural dyes for silk and semi-silk materials. In the factory one can trace all the ways of manual creation of the fabric, from silk cocoons to the finished material. Also, visitors are introduced to the production of cotton fabrics - khan-atlas, adras, shoyi (Shokhi) beqasam, dzhuzhunchi and others.


The factory has a winding workshop, a place where silk threads, the foundation all tissues, are produced. Guests of the factory will have unique opportunity to see how the 85 weavers work at the loom at a speed similar to the automatically adjusted work.


It is noteworthy, that more than half of the workers, 60% on average, are women. With their hands they create real masterpieces of woven products weaving them thread by thread in unmatched ease and beauty. In a single month the hands of experienced craftsmen and craftswomen produce over 6000 meters of fabric, most of which is silk products. But even one type of fabric, for example, the royal silk khan-atlas, is divided into many sub-species. The color of the fabric and, also, the method of production play an important role in it.


The factory is in partnership with a number of foreign countries, which attracts a large number of tourist groups its premises.




Workshop of Alisher Nazirov

House-studio of the famous abrband (weaver and dyer) Turgunbay Mirzaahmedov

Blue ceramics of Rishtan in the workshop of Rustam Usmanov

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