Master puppeteer Kuriyazov Mansour from Khorezm



Master puppeteer Kuriyazov Mansour from Khorezm


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Every adult loved to play with dolls in his childhood, whether a princess with bows or courageous robots. Becoming older people return to their childhood only twice- when they have children, and after - grandchildren. But there are people who always give a piece of childhood. One of them is the master- puppeteer from Khorezm Kuriyazov Mansour, in whose hands the dolls become real live little humans.


Like famous Dad Carlo Mansur manufactures dolls, his friends himself. Gradually, piece by piece entirely new characters are born with which Mansour goes to the city streets, taking part in national holidays and other festivities.


Performances of the master- puppeteer are so interesting that Mansur and his puppets have become frequent guests of anniversaries, birthday parties, children's parties and individual holidays. It’s a great fun to see the famous puppeteer at the festivities not only for the kids, but also for adults. But Mansur, in his turn, prepares a surprise for the heroes of the occasion. If the master gets the photo of the hero of the occasion, just a few days later under the skillful hands of the master a doll twin is born, who also comes to the celebration to congratulate his original. Besides the resemblance, master puppeteer perfectly repeats the motion, gait and speech of the hero, thus giving even greater similarity to the counterpart. To meet the childhood face to face, you should call the master and order your doll - (+99 890) 122-55-16, (+99 871) 255-67-71.






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