Samarkand silk carpet factory "Hudzhum"



Samarkand silk carpet factory "Hudzhum"


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Do you want to know how beautiful carpets widely used across the Uzbek land, are woven manually? Then you should visit the famous Samarkand silk carpet factory "Hudzhum." More than 400 girls relentlessly weave yarn and thread presenting real works of art for the view of guests. And if anyone wants to buy carpets right at the factory, it can be done in a few minutes.


For years the masters have worked towards recreating the natural fabric. Paintings, ornaments of which are taken from historical examples also play a big role in weaving. It is worth noting that the cost of a carpet in a factory is much less than that in the market, because handmade silk fabric is not for every meaningful person’s pleasure.


Factory carpets are almost completely made by pre-orders. This is not strange, because every second person would like to have such a unique thing, and these masterpieces are created manually. Most of the employees are women. Their frugal hands create plain patterns, weave yarns, tie knots, and even make color threads. The dyes used in the production are only of vegetable origin. They are obtained from madder, walnut skins, asparagus stalks, pomegranate peel. After coloring, large bundles of filaments are rinsed in special baths that are placed in a strict order in the factory courtyard. There, they are dried thoroughly under breeze and sunlight.


Few people know that the silk thread is made up of 600 fibers. Such secrets of production are disclosed to the numerous visitors during the tour of the factory. But the final cut is made mostly by men, because it is physically very hard.


The special offer of the factory is the production of a carpet with a specially ordered pattern or portrait. This work is very long not less than 1.5 years. It is also worth considering that such an order would have quite a high price.




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