Paper Mill «Meros»



Paper Mill «Meros»


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Samarkand Paper Mill is located 10 kilometers from the center of Samarkand in the village of Konigil. One of the features of the production of paper in this paper mill is that the secret of its manufacture was taken over in the Middle Ages from the Chinese masters and only with the help of UNESCO it was possible to find and fully revive the lost formula again.


In a specially built workshop the old recipes, which brought a lot of fame to Samarkand masters of paper production in the past, are revived. People visiting the paper mill for the first time, are amazed at watching the papermaking process. The mechanisms involved in the production, are set in motion by a huge water wheel. Starting with such an unusual discovery in today's world, visitors step by step are immersed in a sequence of the papermaking process, sometimes discovering things that they did not even know in their assumptions.


The history of the factory dates back to the distant past, when paper industry had been formed in Samarkand, but the first factory building was built half a century later. Egyptian paper famous at that time quickly disappeared from the market; its quality was noticeably inferior to that offered by Samarkand masters. It is noteworthy, that the Chinese kept the process of paper making a closely guarded secret for a long time. It was brought to Samarkand by runaway soldiers, successfully becoming one of the main directions of artisans of the city.


Paper became available to all, from the rich to ordinary citizens. It was made of bleached linen fabric, so in the city where weaving was also quite common, the paper was not a deficit. Soon, in addition to the white sheets, painted paper was introduced. Each color was used for a special purpose. Most important orders were printed on a yellow paper, red became the symbol of humanity, and the blue color meant grief or a death sentence. In today's world each color is used exclusively for the production of various kinds of ornaments.




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