Art-gallery "Aysel"


Art-gallery "Aysel"


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In Samarkand there is a unique treasure of art, the famous art studio and art gallery "Aysel". It all started with a small art gallery of Alfiya, who gathered within its walls the artists of Samarkand who set a meaningful goal - to maintain a permanent promotion of applied and decorative art of Uzbek masters.


Today, this studio combines members of the Academy of Fine Arts, amazing the visitors of the studio with a variety of works of art, which are carefully collected in the art gallery for years. Here you can see objects crafts, passed down from generation to generation, beautiful sculptures, works of art as well as priceless photos, exhibited in Moscow and Paris expositions.


But the studio has its own special highlight - the processing of national silk fabrics. It receives considerable attention, and the result is a completely unique fabrics that are created, decorated and combined using old methods and modern technology. Within the walls of Aysel talented designers and artists create truly unique things that have no analogues in the country. Through constant work ethnic collections are created which are demonstrated not only in local fashion shows, but also abroad. Created models gained such success that with the help of caring people in Samarkand was built a fashion theater, where new collections are consistently displayed. Ethno-direction quickly became popular among European fashion designers by adding completely new changes to the ordinary style. Today the use of embroidery and prints has become one of the fashionable secular trends.



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