Art gallery "Happy Bird"



Exquisite artistic salon for connoisseurs of national art - Art gallery "Happy Bird"


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In Samarkand on Tashkent Street, 43 the art gallery "Happy Bird" awaits its visitors. Here you can get acquainted not only with exhibitions of local artists, but also foreign authors. Guests visiting the gallery building notice a cozy atmosphere within its walls. The building itself, in the square of which the gallery is located, is quite a unique structure .It is an ancient building of a caravanserai of the past century.


Entering the room, you find yourself in a bit informal interior, which surprises with its beauty and hospitality .Colorful ceramics in green and brown tones, unrivaled handcrafted rugs, the breathtaking paintings, graceful statues and ancient accessories - all together create the unique atmosphere. Art critic Elena Ladik, who is the head of all these charms, gladly welcomes visitors like a welcoming hostess, bringing them into the world of interesting and unknown.


The admired visitors have given the art gallery its new name - the cave of Ali Baba. It emphasizes the wealth that is stored in the walls of the building for decades. Series of paintings of old masters, as well as contemporary artists displayed here give the place a symbolic look, while stressing unparalleled uniqueness of each piece of art


Elena Ladik often repeats to the gallery visitors that in art it is necessary to appreciate its naturalness, something that lacks in today's world where synthetic substitutes are made for all spheres of life. Items that are represented in the gallery can be bought, but it is not the main focus of "Happy Birds". The feeling of joy and harmony is what the organizers of the gallery seek to share.


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