Tashkent City circus



Tashkent City circus


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The city circus, which is also called Uzbekgostsirk, is located in Khadra Square of Tashkent, close to the metro station Gafur Ghulam. It all started with a small semi-fixed-circus tent, which began to emerge across the country over a hundred years ago. The first such building in Tashkent lasted a little more than 50 years, but then was completely destroyed by a strong earthquake.


Restoration works of the circus began ten years later. The newly restored building acquired the name Tashgostsirk. Twenty years later the circus building underwent a complete renovation. Throughout its work, the circus did not cease to amaze people with its artists by delivering frequently updated performances. Some of them were known not only in the Uzbek region, but also far beyond it, bringing the circus numerous awards and endorsements. acrobatic performances of artists on camels under the talented leadership of E. Arzumanov, of horsemen of Uzbekistan headed by Kara Karayev, as well as a popular two-tier rope walking, where the main role was performed by the Circus artist N. Aliyeva became world-famous .


The clown group of the Circus enjoyed great love of the audience.Their humor was appreciated by even the Chinese colleagues, who awarded the Uzbek circus a third place at the international festival. Uzbek artists were also awarded prestigious awards in France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates and other countries. Uzbekgostsirk is famous for its hereditary artists. The oldest circus dynasties, the Tashkenbaev and Zaripov families enjoy the glory and honor across the country.


More than 20 plays, more than 100 new acts of performance, as well as more than 10 major attractions have been staged on the basis of the circus.


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