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Botanical Garden


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Tashkent is growing year by year, the number of vehicles is increasing and it is bad for the environment. Some escape for residents of Tashkent has become the Botanical Garden, founded in 1950 on the initiative of academician F.N.Rusanov.


Due to its location near two canals, the trees have sufficient irrigation and the territory has five lakes.


The flora of the Botanical Garden has more than 4500 plants - trees, shrubs and flowers. Thematically, the garden is divided into 5 sectors. Vegetation from North America, Eastern and Central Asia, the Mediterranean, as well as from Europe and the Caucasus are assembled in the territory of the garden.


Botanical garden is beautiful at different times of the year. In the spring the plants with bulbs - tulips, daffodils and hyacinths begin to bloom and then shrubs and trees pick up their turn. The summer tour will plunge you into the cool green and the autumn will be remembered by the bright colors of fallen leaves.


Local residents have become familiar with poplar, birch, pine and spruce, but seeing Asian ginkgo tree will be a pleasant surprise. This tree with its fan-shaped leaves on a long stalk is rarely seen. No less impressive are magnolia, metasequoia, Eremurus, tulip trees and Japanese quince.


You can book a guided tour. He will tell you many interesting facts and stories about the plants. Or you can walk alone in the company of the family or friends. Importantly, do not litter and do not misbehave and thus respect nature and the job of the employees of the garden.






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