New planetarium of Tashkent


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Behind the circus a new building of the city Planetarium was opened in 2003. Shortly before that, the Japanese government had allocated a grant, thanks to which a projection set of «Planetarium MS-6" type of the company «Minolta» was acquired.


The building has a modern and, at the same time, a traditional look – a glass cube covered with azure dome.


At the Planetarium you can see a demonstration and exhibition halls. In the demonstration hall there is equipment which shows a starry sky and the planets of the Solar system. Themed slides are displayed onto the ceiling. As a result, viewers are, by illusion, dipped into the depth of space with its stars, comets, meteorites and black holes. Maximum capacity of the hall is 50-60 people.


Scientists of Uzbekistan in 2008 discovered a new planet, which was called Samarkand. This small planet is located in the asteroid belt, whose orbit passes between such planets as Jupiter and Mars. One cycle of its revolution around the Sun is approximately four Earth years. The information about the Samarkand is continued to be collected during its approach to the Earth.


The priority of Tashkent Planetarium is to involve the residents and, especially, young people of the capital in the study of astronomy, as well as the organization of cognitive leisure activities. For mass excursions over 10 people schoolchildren, high school and college students can get a discount. However, this is not a problem if you want to come here with your child. An exclusive fascinating lecture for five thousand sums is waiting for you.





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