Amusement park "Tashkent-Land"



Amusement park "Tashkent-Land"


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On Amir Temur Street 107, in Tashkent, in the vicinity of the National Bank of Uzbekistan, very close to the Aqua Park there is one of the most famous amusement parks - Disneyland of Tashkent. This is not only a favorite place of kids across the area – also adults can find enough entertainment in the park.


A roller coaster, whose height, as well as numerous twists and turns, is considered one of the most dizzying, doesn’t leave indifferent even the most humble male. That's where the adrenaline level reaches the highest point! From the heights of the Ferris wheel offering great views of the city you can admire endlessly. And in the room of fear, even the most intrepid will have hard times - the steep winding turns, suddenly appearing monsters will make you repeatedly startle or even cry out.


The most loved by many people attraction is the jungle. This is where you can give vent to your feelings. The long voyage that must be done on a boat is full of surprises. Dense vegetation, intertwining vines, and wild animals each time popping out of the bushes, of course and the perfect soundtrack are part of this voyage. Sailing on the slow waters for a while you are transfered to the tropical world full of dangers. Well, how can we do without the famous boats, frogs, waves and other attractions? Also never become empty chair children’s roundabouts, which have been enjoyed for many years by successive generations of kids.


As a memory from Disneyland, you can buy one of the gifts, as well as take a snack of sweets with which the shelves of children's attics are literally inundated, during the entertainment.


The best family vacation whether on weekdays or at weekends will certainly be spent here in Tashkent-Land. Call - (+998 71) 238 56 25.





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