Restaurant "Bahor"



Restaurant "Bahor"


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To know the many facets of Eastern culture, by touching its secrets is possible in the restaurant "Bahor". They first opened their doors in the distant 50th of the last century. Their founder very carefully chose the location for the restaurant stopping in the area, located in the picturesque heart of the capital, which gives it more responsibility. It is agreed that the restaurant, located in a picturesque corner of Tashkent, should always be proud to carry its brand.


Throughout its long history the restaurant "Bahor" has always been attentive to its numerous guests. They have always tried so that every aspect of the restaurant fully satisfied each of their honored guests. That is why their chef constantly raises his professional level.


The restaurant is situated in a historic building, which is not only an ornament of Tashkent, but also an architectural monument of culture. Restaurant "Bahor" is frequently visited by famous people of the country, which proves its excellent, high-quality customer service.

. Restaurant "Bahor" is a popular place for visits of official delegations, representatives of international organizations, including numerous guests of Tashkent.


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