Restaurant Beshbarmak



Restaurant Beshbarmak


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Next to the supermarket Korzinka-Airport (str. Kichik Halka yuli, 87d) there is a large restaurant complex, which united several restaurants offering a variety of cuisine. Its name is Beshbarmak.


Do you love Korean cuisine? Then go to SakuSaku, which is located on the first floor. Believe me, the list of dishes does not give way to newfangled Korean restaurants, and the waiters help to understand the unfamiliar names by not only telling, but also prompting you what is better to order according to your tastes.


Do you have children? Remarkable, here is a well-situated children's playground. Prefer sushi or fiery delicious barbecue? Then you go to the floor above. Do you like to sing? Hurry up to the 3rd floor,to the karaoke hall.It accommodates most of the guests - up to 100 people. Professional equipment, a collection of more than 80,000 songs, excellent acoustics make you feel like pop stars. You can not only demonstrate your singing talent, but also dance from soul.You can be assured there is enough room for everyone.


And if you want to be alone - you will find cozy cabins, where in a romantic setting with a slightly subdued light, comfortably sitting on the soft sofa, you can propose to your sweetheart in the most romantic mood. And if behind the walls at this time the appropriate song is performed your spouse just can not resist such charming influx.


In any hall you can spend unforgettable moments, selebrate any event, hold a corporate meeting. Unique is the design of the whole complex, the halls- in the style of Bordeaux, intertwined with shades of light beige and decorated with black and white photographs of famous world actors, create a unique atmosphere that is close to the bohemian chic. You can try any dish - European, national, the Japanese, but, of course, the king of the table is beshbarmak with turkey from Nukus, famous for its delicious poultry and traditional lamb. Meat pieces melting in your mouth, nourishing hot soup, fabulously delicious dough - no gourmet can stand this specialty of the restaurant.


The restaurant staff works exclusively for the customer, prompting a tasty dish, recommending sweets for the kid, eliminating awkward moments, you will not be left without attention. Favorite visitors get permanent discounts and a variety of very pleasant, and sometimes much unexpected actions. Call - (+99898) 117-05-53.





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