Restaurant Caravan



Restaurant Caravan


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This is the first truly traditional Uzbek restaurant in Tashkent. To many it may seem incredible, but until its opening the capital of Uzbekistan did not have such places. Many restaurants tried to emphasize their proximity to the European or Caucasian cuisine, so they would lose sight of many important details. Now the restaurant Caravan will allow fans of traditional cuisine to satisfy their hunger.


The first thing the guests of the restaurant pay attention to is its unique design. The restaurant is decorated in the form of a traditional Uzbek house. This, according to the owners of the establishment, will help guests penetrate deeper into the Uzbek culture. Restaurant Caravan, located in the old part of Tashkent, where there are one-storey buildings, is the embodiment of national color. The restaurant has a small courtyard with grapevine. Guests can not only enjoy the delicious dishes, but also talk in a pleasant atmosphere.


The restaurant is divided into several thematic zones:

  • Art Café, here is a traditional oriental coffee house, where drinks are prepared according to ancient national recipes;
  • Gallery, here you can buy the creations of national masters.


Fans of traditional kebabs and pilaf will be delighted to learn that here they can enjoy these dishes. Top chefs who have honed their skills cooking meat products for many years, will allow you to fully plunge into the Eastern culinary traditions.


Oriental soups, vegetarian dishes, fresh salads and desserts are fabulous. All this will please each guest, forcing him to come back here again and again.






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