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Initially, a cafe "Chaykof" conceived as ordinary coffee house from big number desserts, species tea and coffee. But by countless requests lovers eat stouter, We decided to diversify menu second meals and light snacks at form of salads.


Here all pretty and neat: comfortable furniture, stylish interior, small tables, pillow everywhere, framework on walls interesting chandeliers. Atmosphere directed on unhurried conversations behind cup tea - total relaxation.


Menu offers as traditional kinds coffee beverage, sheet teas So and lemonades, freshly juices, ice ti, fruit smoothies. Desserts also many: cheesecake, tiramisu, cherry and apple pies, baklava, chocolate and fruit mousses and yet whole showcase goodies. What as for unsweetened dishes, the here meals European origin at mostly French: sandwiches, French Kish, steaks, a fish from sauces, several salads. Morning must not in time on delicious set of croissant, omelet, cereals, fresh juices and etc.


A cafe enough famous in Tashkent, so we recommend think about reserving table, by extreme least half an hour before coming.  There is Hall with reception and tables on two, a also Hallmore - for companies. If wanted tea from spices and delicious cake, the try open for himself a cafe "Chaykof". Discontentedly not leave!


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