Restaurant Marakanda




Restaurant Marakanda


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Traditional Eastern and Italian food, delightful atmosphere and live music – these are bright distinctive features of this restaurant, created in the traditional eclectic style. You will be pleasantly surprised at the first steps to our restaurant. The building was built in the Central Asian style with a classical portal, lancet arches, massive doors and painted columns. A special pride of the restaurant owners is a finishing material brought from Samarkand. This has allowed the restaurant to be decorated in the best Eastern architectural traditions.


First, the restaurant guests enter a cozy lounge, where there is a wardrobe and a massive mirror. Then, guests pass through the large patterned wooden doors and end up in the hall where milk, camel, gray and white color dominate. An enormous mural of Uzbek artists puts the visual focus of the room. The unique interior of the restaurant has already attracted the attention of photographers, creating wedding photo shoot many times.


The entire hall is harmoniously divided into two levels. Each is equipped with special comfortable sofas. If you would like more privacy, then for you in the restaurant a cozy booth is created. Overall, the restaurant can seat about 250 people.


The extensive menu includes Italian, Uzbek cuisine. A convenient system of discounts that only add to the positive aspects of your event or meeting is practiced in the restaurant.






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