Restaurant Petrovic



Restaurant Petrovic


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Not far from the famous cafe "at Vlad’s" (Mavlono Riyozi, 47) there is a small restaurant, where every guest will feel extremely comfortable, thanks to the courtesy and speed of service, deliciously prepared food and a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to spend a Friday or a Saturday night you should pre-order places. On these days all the tables are booked in advance.


Three halls for up to 250 people have their own unique atmosphere. Fireplace hall invites not only to enjoy the glow of the fire and enveloping warmth, but also to leave behind the doors everyday problems, by succumbing to the luxury and the comfort emitted by each object here - floral curtains, beautiful chandeliers and carved wall decorations. Imagine how great it is to get together around the fireplace, listening to the crackle of logs and catching almost audible smell of burning wood.


The spacious terrace is an invitation for active pastime, but the hall in white colors, equipped with furniture, booths and a bar is right for big companies.


Visitors of “Petrovich” are completely different - here the students gather to relax after a busy week, family people, or whole companies, who often celebrate holidays and solemn dates together. Here you also can see bohemia, high income people who are happy to communicate in such a multi-faceted public. Companies can either be placed in individual cabins or in the common hall. Another important fact - you can not smoke in the halls, so the smoke billowing from the ceiling and non- pleasant smell of nicotine will not irritate the non-smoking visitors. Fresh air, pleasant music and comfortable accommodation all this make one want to return here again and again. In addition, often known cover bands and musicians are frequent guests of the restaurant.


To prepare a meal with love for the guest - this is the motto of the restaurant. Here, everything is delicious starting from fragrant kebabs and European dishes and exclusive novelties.The size of portions is also surprising- Petrovic can feed anyone. The usual steak can feed an adult male, and such portions are given to each visitor. Call - (+99871) 268-09-88.




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