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Steak Bar


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Well-cooked meat, tasty wine, pleasant music and relaxed atmosphere - all of this can be found in SteakBar near the cinema of "Kazakhstan" and the metro station "Minor". Comfortably sitting on the soft couch behind a wooden table or a booth, it is possible to get aquainted with a choice of dishes, which are listed on the menu. Their main feature is the preparation with the highest underlined taste of meat -sweet, spicy, juicy, with a crust, medallions (especially good are "Bordeaux" and "Tenderness).


This restaurant is designed specifically for meat gourmets. Dishes are prepared from the selected Uzbek meat. The restaurant will welcome everyone, the cheerful company, the main Heros of the celebration, couples and large organizations. The main thing is to entertain visitors with truly extraordinary prepared dishes, because often while cooking the flavor of the meat is lost completely, but here meat is not part of the dishes, but additional ingredients are in harmony with the meat.


During the day, lunch time, there is 30% discount, which allows you to order more steaks or any other dishes. So at every lunch time there is an opportunity to give you more time to enjoy the taste of familiar dishes, or again and again enjoy the pleasure of professionally cooked steaks, ordering them many times more than the previous evening. And the perfectly matched wine list, it is no secret that the meat dishes are served under a specially selected wine, which sets off the indispensable taste of food even more. The waiters can prompt which type of meat is better to choose red or white wine, so as not to damage the finish or drink, or cooking. By the way, the menu is also made so that you can quickly and easily find the selection of soups, appetizers and hot dishes


Call - 234-39-04, come - st. A. Temur Str. Khurshid.





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