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Tibone Steak Pub


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Not everyone can dine on skillfully cooked steak, but many want to do it. The Tashkent Tibone Steak Pub has taken the direction in the preparation of the best steaks, by already having made several important steps.


Openness and full confidence in the customer is confirmed by fully glassed kitchen, allowing guests of Tibone Steak Pub to watch the process of cooking of the tasty meat. The cozy atmosphere is largely dependent on the situation – here, from inside and outside, it is picked up by connoisseurs of exquisite taste. The cost of the steak depends on weight: The more a piece, the higher is the price.


The other dishes of the restaurants is also awesome - salad Niçoise, which only a true chef knows how to cook correctly; unfortunately, the majority prepare it with the addition of boiled potatoes that radically changes the taste of the dish in a very different direction, vegetables, grilled so skillfully that only their look causes an understandable desire to try just a little, matchless meat TiBone, made with roasting mediumwell. But the main decoration of the menu is still a steak - juicy, with a golden crust, exuding magnificent flavors. The meat is so delicious that after tasting the steak once, you want to try it again, sharing the joy of delicious eating with your loved ones.


The restaurant is located in a place favored by local gourmets and lovers of night entertainment activities. Having gathered with a large company, you can spend unforgettable hours here later remembering them with your friends. It is important to remember - the restaurant has so many of all sorts of goodies - for example, to find herring with pineapple dressing elsewhere will be difficult, but to forget itsr unusual taste is even more difficult. So do not try all the culinary delights at one time - wait for the main course, and you can evaluate the other delights of the table, coming to the restaurant again and again.


Said Baraka Street, 34 A, come and see. Call - (+99871) 232-10-00.





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