Yurt camps



Among the golden sands bordering a beautiful lake, located Safari Camp. Guests are welcomed 20 tents, the interior of which is sure to be remembered for the colorful, even the most experienced travelers. This is the only camp in Uzbekistan, you can feel like a real nomad, which transcend any adve
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Among the desert dunes, 6 km from the beautiful Lake Aydarkul located Aydar camp. Guests are invited to 11 yurts, welcoming visitors not only extremely thoughtful design, and extraordinary comfort. Each yurt - a small fairy-tale world, thought out to the last detail. Inside, everything is decorat
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Ayaz Kala

In the wild steppes, among the unbridled violence of nature, near the famous mound is Ayaz Kala camp, surrounded by relict ridge and a picturesque lake Ayaz-kul. You can advance to ask the tour operators in Uzbekistan, how many people can stay in a yurt. Usually they are either double or common -
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