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Among the golden sands bordering a beautiful lake, located Safari Camp. Guests are welcomed 20 tents, the interior of which is sure to be remembered for the colorful, even the most experienced travelers. This is the only camp in Uzbekistan, you can feel like a real nomad, which transcend any adversity and difficulties.


Every day is filled with interesting events Safari, different events, surprises. First of all, it's delicious meals three times, in which the menu includes traditional dishes prepared here, on a spacious kitchen, an open fire. Memorize and picnic lunch hosted on the shore of Lake Aydarkul - while it is possible to swim, fish, or take a stroll along the beautiful scenic spots that are so proud of this land. Along with the mourners can also go to the nearby villages, to become familiar with the local rituals, traditions and friendly people. A walk in the desert will be remembered by numerous inhabitants of the desert - spiders, lizards, scorpions and larger individuals, as well as the plants that thrive in the hot sand.


New life will open the evening at the camp - offers folklore shows, campfire gatherings, sea positive mood, which does not leave the living to the departure Tour operators of Uzbekistan will certainly advise you to go here.



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Ayaz Kala


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